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wakazo product
Junmai Junmai-ginjo
See the challenge

“WAKAZO” story

brand story

We take on the challenge of brewing new sake.
This is a challenge because we think we are still “wakazo”,
the young who are still growing.
So, the new Wakazo sake is brewed by young “wakazo” brewers.

Thoughts on the product


Tradition passed down over 150 years is a treasure. Tradition becomes tradition only when it is passed on to the next generation. From now on, “new sake brewing” and “beliefs to keep on challenging new sake” will be remembered as our new traditions for the future.

About the design


You can see eyes on the label of the bottle. The design was inspired by the “glare posture” of Japanese Kabuki performers. The fierce eyes represent the challenge of brewing new sake while protecting the tradition of the past and looking ahead to the future.

About the products



Gin no sake Kibune   Morioka City, Iwate Pref.

Sake no Kagiya   Morioka City, Iwate Pref.

Jinosake Wakaba-saketen   Hananomaki City, Iwate Pref.

Kobayashi Shoten   Oshu City, Iwate Pref.

Fukuhara Saketen   Taito City, Tokyo

Shukan Naitousyoten   Shinagawa City, Tokyo