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Junmai Junmai-ginjo
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/Details of Junmai-ginjo-shu/

Wakazo Junmai-ginjo-shu brewed with black koji 720mL

Wakazo Junmai-ginjo-shu brewed
with black koji 720mL

Alcohol: 13 percent
SMV (Sake meter value): (-)2.8
Acidity: 1.5
Amino acidity: 1.0
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Rice for sake brewing: Gin-otome, sake brewing rice produced in Iwate
Yeast: Undisclosed

About the taste


The acidity of this sake brewed with black koji gives a different impression from what is commonly imagined.
This sake uses black koji mold, where normally it uses yellow koji mold. Unlike the acid taste of lactic acid, it has a citrus-like acidity (citric acid) of black koji. Enjoy the light acidity of citric acid and the fresh flavor brought by "Gin-otome" rice from Iwate Prefecture and black koji mold.

Pairing with food


Recommendations from Asabiraki’s brewer
with a Sake Diploma

With standard dishes

○Squid and Scallions with Vinegar Miso SauceThis sake highlights the natural sweetness of scallions with delicious taste of vinegar miso sauce.

○Grilled White Fish with Lemon Butter SauceThe refreshing bitterness of sake and the acidity of lemon mingle nicely to create a pleasant taste.

With world cuisine

○Quattro FormaggiIt goes well with Camembert cheese and brings out the best flavor of cheese.

○RatatouilleIt pairs well with the acidity of tomatoes and herbs, broadening the range of flavors.

Recommended temperature
and glass


Temperature range is from 10℃ to 15℃.
Glass recommended by Asabiraki's brewer with a Sake Diploma A larger glass with a thin and wide rim is recommended. As the temperature rises, the sake releases the citric acid from behind. The best shape of glass is such that you can enjoy the acidity and umami underlying the mild aroma.